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About the Maadi Messenger


The Maadi Messenger each month in partnership with the Maadi Community Church and as such we endeavor to make certain that all advertisement and editorial content reflects wholesome, family-friendly, honorable, and pure topics and imagery.


The Maadi Messenger is a free, community magazine that works to connect readers to events, services, and people in Maadi, Cairo, and Egypt, more broadly. To that end, the editor of the Maadi Messenger solicits articles written by local experts, who can give readers relevant information on navigating life in Egypt.


Maadi Messenger is published 11 times per year with over 4,000 copies of each issue distributed to the finest shops, business, cafés, and churches throughout Maadi and the surrounding communities of Cairo, Egypt.


It is our prayer that the Maadi Messenger will strengthen the network of community connections in Maadi. We want to encourage support for local business people, by encouraging readers to connect with local businesses, and their owners, so that they feel more at home and better connected in Cairo.


We provide the Maadi Messenger Online to supplement the printed magazine. We provide this website as a service to the readers of the Maadi Messenger who are located all around the world and unable to pickup a copy, and also to those who will be relocating to Maadi and want to connect with the community before their arrival.


We hope you will find the printed Maadi Messenger magazine and Maadi Messenger Online to compliment each other well. Please feel free to contact us directly with your suggestions, comments, and concerns.



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How to Advertise with the Maadi Messenger

Guidelines and Rules 

1. Please read the following carefully: 

  • Please submit your finished advertisements on a CD with a printout on paper, or transfer file via website such as wetransfer.com or dropbox.com. 
  • Take good notice of the required sizes of your ad – we cannot change size or content of finished advertisements that are delivered to us for placement.
  • You will pay for the standard size that best fits the format in which your finished advertisement is delivered to us. (If you deliver an ad that is smaller than half a page but too big to fit on a quarter page, you will pay half a page. We will place the ad in the size as delivered without alterations.)
  • We can not accept advertisements that exceed the size as is required for your choice of advertisement unless you are willing to pay for a larger size.
  • We will notify you of any technical problems with your advertisement.
  • We are not responsible for the content of advertisements that we receive as a finished file. Any mistakes in content are your own responsibility.
  • We will determine the placement of your advertisements in the magazine unless otherwise agreed.
  • Advertisements submitted as a rough copy or hand written copy or as a MS Word document will be charged an extra fee for ad creation.
  • We will charge a small fee for the English editing of your advertisement. (< 15 words:15 LE, 16-50 words: 25 LE.)
  • We will charge a small fee for corrections on formerly published advertisements. (15 LE for small textual changes, 25 LE for small design changes.)
  • Advertisements need to be submitted in the following file formats: TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PDF in hi-res resolution (250-300 DPI). Do not compress your files.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement submitted to us which does not fit our publication guidelines.
  • Artwork for Full page must be A4 size PLUS a 4mm bleed on each edge. All text should be contained in a 1cm safe-zone inside the A4. Document size 218x305mm, CMYK, with 1cm safe-zone for text. If not to these specifications your ad will be printed with a white border. 


*Contact us for a template PSD file for use in designing full page advertisements.

2. Deadlines

  • In order to place your advertisement for the next issue we need your advertisement, ready for printing, no later than the 10th of the month. Advertisement designs or changes in an existing advertisement need to be requested before the 10th of the month.
  • Advertisements delivered after this date will not be placed in the issue for the next month.
  • With your agreement the advertisement can be placed in the issue of the following month (following on the next to come month. For example: if delivered on 20 September, it will be placed in the November issue not in the October issue.)

 3. Additional policies: advertisement design

  • Customers always pay (in advance) when we design an advertisement, also when this is not placed in the Maadi Messenger.
  • We can only finish a design for the next month’s issue when the content and material is delivered before the 5th of the month.
  • Maadi Messenger accepts no responsibility for the content of advertisements, when changes are made we will provide a new version for approval to the client. The client is responsible for checking the content of his/her advertisement.
  • We cannot guarantee a 100% color matching with originals or standard color standards. We do not accept responsibility for a 100% color match. (Of course we try to reach the best possible matching but our limited means of production do not permit 100% color proof printing.)
  • Pictures and/or images or logos are not included in advertisement design. Client has to provide these or we will have to charge an additional fee for searching and copyright of images or pictures.
  • We are not responsible for copyright of any material that is delivered by clients for an advertisement. Only when we provide these ourselves. We will charge an additional fee for copyrights.
  • When the design of your advertisement exceeds the time limit for your size, we will charge an additional fee of 100 LE per hour.
  • If an advertisement is created by Maadi Messenger it is the property of Maadi Messenger and uniquely for publication in Maadi Messenger. A release of the file rights is included in the 800LE charge for design. We charge an additional 800 EGP for the original file of an ad that is created or changed/edited by us. 

Contact Ad Coordinator: 

Phone: 01200012904 / 01206202999

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Royal-Club Mohamed Aly

    Most Cairo dwellers have at least heard talk of the famous Royal Mohamed-Aly Club, a relaxing oasis that is often home to various festivities.

  • Golf-cation Turned Touristic Adventure

    With Egypt’s tourism at a low in recent years, even as nicer weather starts to creep through Cairo’s streets these past two weeks, it is up to Cairo residents and companies to gather and develop creative plans to draw tourists to the city whose streets feel like home to all.

  • Rallying the Eastern Desert

    It’s not common to go on a trip from Cairo to Gouna and come back on the same day. Apparently, though, if you’re a desert rally racer, this is just part of your usual routine. You know, wake up early, drive 450 KM to Gouna, then take a turn into the desert, practice aggressive driving and navigate for another couple of hundred kilometers until finally driving back 450 KM home. This is exactly what I experienced/ got to experience when I decided to ride along with my friends from Gazelle Rally team in one of their practice sessions.

  • Social Entrepreneurs for Society and Society for Social Entrepreneurs

    “Every society can fix all their problems,” Amgad told me. Can it? More than 5 years after the Egyptian revolution of 2011, when the people gathered at Tahrir square to take problems into their own hands, things appear not to be so. When I speak to Egyptians today, I am confronted with countless problems.


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